The following is a list of City of Sebastian's Boards and Committees. Anyone interested in serving on a City Board or Committee may submit an application at any time to the City Clerks Office. Applications will be held for one year. Board and Committee vacancies will also be advertised on an individual basis in the Press-Journal, on the front board in City Hall, Cable Channel 25, and on this web site.


Board of Adjustment - 5 members
► The City Council acts as the Board of Adjustment and conducts variance hearings.

Charter Review Committee - 15 members - 10 Council appointees and 5 at-large
► Meets for 6 months once every 5 years starting in January to review the City Charter, conduct hearings, and recommend changes to the City Council. Will meet in 2021.

Citizens Advisory Task Force - varies
► Meets as needed to make recommendations to the City Council on Community Development Block Grants.

Citizens Budget Review Advisory Board - 7 members - 2 Alternates
► Meets during budget season to review the proposed budget and make recommendations to City Council

Construction Board - 7 regular members - 2 alternates
► Meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm to approve applications for contractor licensing and conduct licensing violation hearings

Planning and Zoning Commission - 7 members and 2 alternates
► Meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:00pm to review, conduct hearings, and act on certain land development requests and amendments to the Land Development Code.

Police Retirement Board of Trustees - 5 members
► Meets quarterly at a minimum or as called to transact the business of the police officer retirement system.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee - 5 members, and 2 alternates
► Meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00pm to review the City's park system and recreational programs and make pertinent recommendations to City Council.

Natural Resources Board - 7 members and 2 alternates
► Meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm to improve the quality of life in Sebastian by nurturing the beneficial relationship between our citizens and our environment by protecting, preserving and promoting our natural resources.

Veterans Advisory Board - 5 members and 2 alternates* (members may be non-residents)
Meets on the first Monday of every other month to advise Council with respect to matters especially relating to or affecting veterans and their dependents.

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