(772) 589-5518
FAX: (772) 388-8248

8:00 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M.

Lisa Leger Frazier, AICP, Community Development Director

Dorri Bosworth, Manager/Planner

Michelle Faulkner, Zoning Technician

Kimberly Haigler, Environmental Planner/GIS Specialist

"Our mission is to help maintain the City of Sebastian's superior quality of life by ensuring quality development and redevelopment by securing compliance with City codes and regulations; maintaining the integrity of residential and commercial neighborhoods and managing programs that support these objectives in accordance with the codes, ordinances and the policies of the city."

Our customers include the general public, architects, engineers, developers, contractors, various building trades, other government entities and our coworkers. We will be open and responsive to our customer's needs. Our aim is to provide high-quality customer service and a consistent message.

The department provides staff support to the Planning Commission, Local Planning Agency, Board of Adjustment, Community Redevelopment Agency, and other boards.

The Department also coordinates development activities consistent with the City's growth objectives, including, but not limited to: annexations, local business tax receipts, economic development, redevelopment, subdivision and site plan development, zoning interpretations and changes, variances, abandonment of easements, comprehensive plan and land development regulation amendments.

The 2019 CDBG 5-Year Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan

The Coastal Resiliency Plan Report is available for review here