Repairs to your home or business will require Building Permits in most cases. Please contact the Building Department to find out if your repair will require a permit and inspections at 772-589-5537.

If you are hiring a contractor that person must hold a certificate of competency under Florida Statute 489 and local ordinances.

The purpose of the Licensing Regulation and enforcement is to ensure construction activities are performed by fully qualified individuals and see that all work gets inspected to the current code requirements.

CAUTION: A Local Business Tax Reciept is not a Contractor’s License!!! It is a “Local Business Tax Reciept Tax.”

If a Contractor is not licensed, he/she is likely to be uninsured. The unlicensed contractor now becomes your liability. If he/she falls off a roof or ladder and is injured, who will pay for his injuries? YOU! Most homeowner policies will not pay a claim if the homeowner has contracted with an unlicensed contractor. Now that unlicensed contractor can bring suit against YOU!

Unfortunately, there is little you can do after allowing an unlicensed contractor to work for you; the State, County, or City does not regulate them. They may not reside here, and now left the area.
The City’s Licensing Board or the State Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Construction Industry Licensing Board issue the Certificate of Competency.

Qualified Contractor’s must register with the City to show the required licenses and proof of insurance in order to obtain a permit. You may contact the Building Department at 772-589-5537 to find out if a Contractor has registered with the City. Qualified Contractor’s who have not registered, may call 772-589-5537 to make an appointment. The City of Sebastian Building Department is located at 1225 Main St. You may also check licensing information and complaints with the State at myflorida.com. NOTE: Building Permits will only be issued to Contractors that have a valid contract signed by the homeowner.

“Ways to identify a possible unlicensed contractor”

1. A Contractor who is not willing to put a contract in writing.
2. They ask you to obtain the permit instead of them.
3. The contractor tells you a permit is not necessary. Call the Building Department at 772-589-5537 to determine if a permit and inspections are required.
4. They request a large down payment before work begins or you are asked to pay in cash or make a check out to cash.
5. The contractor cannot provide you with a copy of the license or proof of insurance.
6. Contractor does not display a license number on advertisements, business cards, vehicle, contracts, etc.
7. They are only willing to work at night and on weekends.

To report unlicensed contractor activity call the Department of Business and Professional Regulations' complaint line toll free at 866-532-1440, visit www.myfloridalicense.com or report it to the Sebastian Building Department at 772-589-5537.


 For all construction site related complaints such as the obstruction of swales, location of port-a-lets, maintenance of trash receptacles, or any other item, please contact the Treasure Coast Builders Association at 1-772-562-8222.