What can you tell me about the City of Sebastian?

The City of Sebastian is an attractive waterfront community that boasts a quiet, laidback charm.  Sebastian is a 13.5 square miles city and home to approximately 25,000 residents.  The area is a paradise surrounded by natural beauty.  Just across the Intracoastal Waterway lie some of Florida’s most attractive barrier islands, Sebastian Inlet State Park and Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Sebastian has maintained its small-town atmosphere without becoming a typical tourist destination and residents like it that way.  Daily life here is picturesque, with cool sea breezes, plentiful fishing, outdoor parks, and opportunities for bird watching.  Sebastian has a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. 

The hub of Sebastian is its Riverview Park, an area that offers a stunning view of the Intracoastal Waterway (also known as the Indian River Lagoon).  Here residents gather for festivals, shows, fairs, and other free entertainment.   The Christmas season brings the must see Christmas parade and a Christmas tree to the park, as well as a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.  In mid-January, the City hosts the Sebastian Fine Arts and Music Festival.  In mid-March, comes the Shrimp Fest & Craft Brew Hallabaloo.  The Sebastian Lionfish Festival occurs in mid-May.  You do not want to miss the 4th of July celebration.  In early November, the City hosts the famous Sebastian Clambake.  The nature events include Earth Day in April and the Pelican Island Wildlife Festival in May.  On Friday night, you will find Concerts in the Park.  Other important activities include honoring veterans on Memorial holidays, the Halloween costume contest, the Chamber of Commerce Light up Night on the day after Thanksgiving and the Easter Bunny makes an appearance for the annual Easter egg hunt.

Hunting and fishing are popular---Snook, snapper, grouper, redfish, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel are all in abundance in the area. 

Residents enjoy 19 parks which offer sports facilities, hiking trails, dog parks, lakes and ponds, playgrounds, skate park, golf and even a yacht club.  The Riverview Park itself features a small playground area, splash park, and a sidewalk along the lagoon that stretches for miles.  The City Golf Course is a gem which also houses a restaurant and Clubhouse.

The community is considered very peaceful and the crime rates are low.  The Police Department does a great deal of outreach and, as a result of that and good police work, Sebastian is a very safe City.   The schools are very good and, if you apply yourself, you can get an excellent education.  A multitude of opportunities for higher education are nearby, the most notable being the University of Central Florida, Indian River State College, and Florida Atlantic University.   Medical care in the area is excellent led by Sebastian River Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic (Indian River Hospital) in Vero Beach.

What are your hours of operation?
The Human Resources Department's general office hours of operation are from Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our offices are closed on the following holidays:

. New Year's Day
. Martin Luther King Day
. President's Day
. Memorial Day
. Independence Day
. Labor Day
. Veteran's Day
. Thanksgiving Day
. The day after Thanksgiving Day
. The day before Christmas Day
. Christmas Day

How can I find out about job openings?
. Job openings are posted on the City of Sebastian's bulletin board located in the lobby
at 1225 Main Street, Sebastian, Florida 32958
. Our 24-hour automated job hot-line
. The City of Sebastian's Government Channel
. Newspaper classifieds
. City of Sebastian's website

Do I have to be a resident of the City of Sebastian to apply for employment?
No. You do not have to be a resident to apply for a position with the City. However, it is important to note that if you are out of state, some positions may require you to possess a valid State of Florida Driver's License.

When can I submit an employment application?
You may submit an employment application when the City is actively recruiting and there is an opening or position vacancy.

Can the information I submit on the application remain private?
The City of Sebastian is a public entity. Employment applications as well as many other documents are subject to public disclosure. Under the Florida Public Records Act, the City of Sebastian cannot guarantee the privacy of information contained in your employment application.

Can you explain your interview process?
On the day of your interview, you will sit before a panel conducting a structured selection process, which may include practical, job-related exercises, as well as interview questions. An impartial monitor assigned from the Human Resources Department will sit in on all interviews. When a candidate has been selected, the applicant will be notified by phone followed by a conditional offer letter by mail. Depending on the position, the applicant will go through a series of tests, which will include a criminal background check, a Driver's License check, a pre-employment physical, a drug test and a final review of the applicant's application. If the applicant is applying for a Police Officer's position, the process is slightly different.

Does the City have a Labor Union?
Yes. CWA Local 3180- Communications Workers of America represents Full-time and regular part-timers. PBA-Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. represents sworn Police personnel.

How often is an employee paid?
The City has a bi-weekly payroll for all of its employees.

What Benefits does the City provide to its employees?

The City of Sebastian provides an excellent benefit package, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Care with a HRA (Health Reimbursement Account)
    • Teledoc
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Dental Care (Base Plan or Buy-up Plan)
  • Vision Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension either through the CWA (Union), ICMA (Exempt employees) Police
  • ICMA Retirement Plan (457 and Roth)
  • Sick, Vacation, Personal & Holiday Pay
  • Uniforms and Equipment provided
  • Tuition and Education Reimbursement
  • Incentive Pay based on Education/Training
  • 2019-2020 City of Sebastian's Benefit Booklet 

For more information, see the section on Benefits or call the Human Resources Department at 772-388-8222. 

ADA/ADAA Policy  

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA) are federal laws that require employers with 15 or more employees to not discriminate against applicants and individuals with disabilities and, when needed, to provide reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees who are qualified for a job, with or without reasonable accommodations, so that they may perform the essential job duties of the position.

It is the policy of the City of Sebastian to comply with all federal and state laws concerning the employment of persons with disabilities and to act in accordance with regulations and guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Furthermore, it is the City policy not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in regard to application procedures, hiring, advancement, discharge, compensation, training or other terms, conditions and privileges of employment.


When an individual with a disability requests accommodation and can be reasonably accommodated without creating an undue hardship or causing a direct threat to workplace safety, he or she will be given the same consideration for employment as any other applicant. Applicants who pose a direct threat to the health, safety and well-being of themselves or others in the workplace when the threat cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation will not be hired.

The City will reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability so that they can perform the essential functions of a job unless doing so causes a direct threat to these individuals or others in the workplace and the threat cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation or if the accommodation creates an undue hardship to the City. Contact human resources (HR) with any questions or requests for accommodation.

All employees are required to comply with the City’s safety standards. Current employees who pose a direct threat to the health or safety of themselves or other individuals in the workplace will be placed on leave until a City decision has been made in regard to the employee’s immediate employment situation.

Individuals who are currently using illegal drugs are excluded from coverage under the company ADA policy.

The HR department is responsible for implementing this policy, including the resolution of reasonable accommodation, safety/direct threat and undue hardship issues.

Terms Used in This Policy

As used in this ADA policy, the following terms have the indicated meaning:

  • Disability: A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of the individual, a record of such an impairment, or being regarded as having such an impairment.
  • Major life activities: Term includes caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating and working.
  • Major bodily functions: Term includes physical or mental impairment such as any physiological disorder or condition, cosmetic disfigurement or anatomical loss affecting one or more body systems, such as neurological, musculoskeletal, special sense organs, respiratory (including speech organs), cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive, genitourinary, immune, circulatory, hemic, lymphatic, skin and endocrine. Also covered are any mental or psychological disorders, such as intellectual disability (formerly termed “mental retardation”), organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness and specific learning disabilities.
  • Substantially limiting: In accordance with the ADAAA final regulations, the determination of whether an impairment substantially limits a major life activity requires an individualized assessment, and an impairment that is episodic or in remission may also meet the definition of disability if it would substantially limit a major life activity when active. Some examples of these types of impairments may include epilepsy, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. An impairment, such as cancer that is in remission but that may possibly return in a substantially limiting form, is also considered a disability under EEOC final ADAAA regulations.
  • Direct threat: A significant risk to the health, safety or well-being of individuals with disabilities or others when this risk cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation.
  • Qualified individual: An individual who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the employment position that such individual holds or desires.
  • Reasonable accommodation: Includes any changes to the work environment and may include making existing facilities readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities, job restructuring, part-time or modified work schedules, telecommuting, reassignment to a vacant position, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, appropriate adjustment or modifications of examinations, training materials or policies, the provision of qualified readers or interpreters, and other similar accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
  • Undue hardship: An action requiring significant difficulty or expense by the employer. In determining whether an accommodation would impose an undue hardship on a covered entity, factors to be considered include:
    • The nature and cost of the accommodation.
    • The overall financial resources of the facility or facilities involved in the provision of the reasonable accommodation, the number of persons employed at such facility, the effect on expenses and resources, or the impact of such accommodation on the operation of the facility.
    • The overall financial resources of the employer; the size, number, type and location of facilities.
    • The type of operations of the company, including the composition, structure and functions of the workforce; administrative or fiscal relationship of the particular facility involved in making the accommodation to the employer.
  • Essential functions of the job: Term refers to those job activities that are determined by the employer to be essential or core to performing the job; these functions cannot be modified.

The examples provided in the above terms are not meant to be all-inclusive and should not be construed as such. They are not the only conditions that are considered to be disabilities, impairments or reasonable accommodations covered by the ADA/ADAAA policy.

Does the City Offer Volunteer Opportunities?

The City of Sebastian welcomes those that want to volunteer for the City.  A volunteer is an individual who gives of their own free will and contributes their talents, time and service to a program without pay.

City Hall

The service that would be provided to City Hall would be clerical in nature. 

Police Department

The Community Service Volunteer Program is a program through the Sebastian Police Department.  The Volunteers’ primary service is to provide residential security checks.  This service is for all Sebastian residents and is provided for as little as a few days, but can extend for up to 6 months or more.  The residential security checks are done in a very organized and consistent manner that would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers.  In addition, to this service, the volunteers of this program provide but are not limited to traffic and crowd control and miscellaneous pick-up and delivery services.

If interested in volunteering, please complete the City’s Application at the following site: http://public.cityofsebastian.com/PDFs/employmentapp.pdf

City Board or Committee Member

The City has a variety of Boards and Committees a resident could volunteer for.  Per Section 2-170, all Board and Committee members must be City residents unless otherwise specified in the enacting ordinance or resolution.  Board and Committee terms are three years unless otherwise specified in the enacting ordinance or resolution.  You may reapply for succeeding terms upon term expiration.  The following are a list of Boards and Committees:

  • Charter Review Committee (serves only six months, every five years- next meeting in 2021)
  • Citizens Budget Review Advisory Board
  • Construction Board* (permanent)
  • Disabilities Advisory Committee (temporary)
  • Natural Resources Board (permanent)
  • Planning and Zoning Commission * ** (permanent)
  • Police Retirement Board of Trustees*
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (permanent)
  • Sebastian Youth Advisory Council (temporary)
  • Veterans’ Advisory Board (temporary)

*Filing of financial disclosure is required following appointment.

**Must be resident one year prior to application

Applications can be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk, 1225 Main Street, Sebastian, FL, 32958 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, or the application is available for viewing and printing on the website.  It requires either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is the free version available from Adobe).

Click here for the application (PDF, 35K)
Please Call Jeanette Williams at 772-388-8215 to inquire about any special qualifications.