Infrastructure Improvements

In recent years, Sebastian Municipal Airport has seen a vast amount of infrastructure improvements. Some of these include:

  • ADS-B Next Gen Tower installation and activation.ADS-B Tower
  • Complete Perimeter Fencing with five electric gates
  • Completed project to add new roadway, taxiway and infrastructure on east of airport using Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) grant. This will provide future space for hangers and light manufacturing.
  • Completion of new LoPresti Aviation manufacturing facility and hanger.
  • Construct new airport maintenance building for all airport equipment
  • Construction and Activation of Runway 10-28
  • Construction of 40 T-hangars
  • Construction of General Aviation Terminal and Administrative Offices
  • Construction of a new Hanger C to be completed by spring 2016.
  • Eastside renovation with new entrance road/landscaping, new location for golf course maintenance building and building sites for new small businesses. This project will be completed by early 2016.
  • Fall 2012 the FAA published GPS approaches for Runways 5-23.
  • FDOT/FAA grant to rehabilitate Runway 5-23 completed March 1, 2010
  • Florida DOT grant for second new hanger/manufacturing facility of up to $1.45 million. Hanger completed October 2011.
  • Implementation of SuperAwos Sebastian Airport CTAF/UNICOM 123.05
  • Installation and operation in January 2012 of two wind turbine generators to reduce electric costs at the Airport facilityAirport Compass Rose from the Air
  • Installation of 24/7 self serve aviation gas system adjacent to Airport Administration Building on the southeast ramp of the Airport
  • Installation of PAPI Approach Light System on all runways
  • Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (RWY 5-23)
  • Numerous Security Upgrades (Proximity Badges, Cameras, Fiber Optics)
  • Rehabilitation of Taxiway "A"
  • Remarking/redesignation of all runways as well as reconstitution of taxiways and overruns completed January 2013.
  • Underground Three-phase Power
  • Water and Sewer Utility Extensions

Additionally, Airport Development Guidelines have recently been published to clarify and streamline the entire leasing process and assist prospective tenants throughout their site development.