Public Input Guidelines

As of May 14th, 2020, all upcoming board and council meetings held by the City of Sebastian can be held by Virtual Meetings. Some or all elected officials or board members may choose to participate through video conferencing and members of the public will be provided with several options to participate in the meeting.

These meetings will be broadcasted live on Comcast Channel 25, ATT Channel 99, the City’s website (, Facebook (, UStream (, YouTube (

For members of the public to participate in these virtual meetings, they will have the following options:

To participate in Virtual Meetings (NOT INCLUDING ANY QUASI-JUDICIAL HEARINGS)
 please use the following methods:

1. Maximum Density Capacity as allowed by the Governor DeSantis Executive Order Number 20-52 & 20-112

Meetings will be conducted in accordance with the Governor DeSantis Executive Order Number 20-52/20-112. Thus, members of the public that want to be heard will be able to do so. Because of social distancing guidelines, there are only 26 seats available within the city council chambers. These seats will have ADA preference given to them. Additionally, there will be no available seating in the atrium (Lobby). Seating will be available outside of the city hall in the courtyard with a television and speakers. Please see a member of staff, when you arrive, if you are planning on speaking or need anything relating to ADA at least 48 hours in advance.

All public speaking will be done inside the chambers using a special microphone setup that will allow public input while making sure that there are no surfaces to be touched. In order to provide an orderly manner of input, we will be giving out numbers. These numbers will be called in order so that we can allow people to queue (line-up) while maintaining appropriate social distancing. There will be marks on the floor where someone can stand while waiting for their turn.

At all times, members of the public must strictly adhere to the mandates of EO 20-83 and must keep the appropriate social distancing of a minimum of six (6) feet at all times.

The City will NOT be providing any face coverings, please bring your own.

2. Zoom Webinar - Audio Participation Possible During The Meeting

Via the Application (must be installed on computer or phone)
When the agenda is published, the information should be included with it, as well as it will be listed with the agenda on the city’s website.

This information will include a link that will be provided for those who wish to view or participate in virtual meetings in a timely manner. There will also be telephone numbers. You can dial any of the numbers provided with the zoom information, and then entering the Webinar ID for the meeting when prompted.

The Webinar ID will be provided in a timely manner for upcoming virtual meetings.

Attendees may be allowed to speak, when called on, by raising their hands (via the app or by pressing *9 while dialed in) and then waiting for permission to speak. 

More information can be found on the City’s Website via the PDF below labeled ZoomTipsRaiseHand

More instructions may follow as needed.

If you are having issues with the online virtual meeting, please contact us at 772-388-8226 or email us at and we will attempt to assist you.     

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