What is my new service day?

Service days will change July 1. The brochure attached to your cart will include a map identifying your new service day. The map will be uploaded to the City website the last week of June.

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1. When will I receive my new 96-gallon cart?
2. Can I keep my current cart and continue using it?
3. Why am I receiving a bill for July, August, September collection service in May?
4. I am not a current customer, why am I receiving a bill?
5. I received a new cart but am not being serviced.
6. I need more information about this new collection service.
7. I do not want a 96-gallon cart, it’s too big.
8. What is my new service day?
9. I still have not received my new 96-gallon cart, but my neighbor did.
10. I was out of town on all my service days, so I never placed my old cart curbside for it to be removed.