The Code Enforcement Division enforces codes to ensure the beauty and character of the city by responding to citizen complaints and self-initiated enforcement.

The Code Enforcement officers seek voluntary compliance whenever possible, while maintaining good public relations.

Contact Information
(772) 388-4436

Online Complaint Form

Code Enforcement Hotline
772 388-4436

The hotline is available "24/7" to leave a message for the Code Enforcement staff or report a potential violation. 
Messages are followed up the next business day.

If you wish to remain anonymous, do not leave your name and number
but only leave the address or approximate location of the property you are calling about.

Code Enforcement staff shall, to the greatest extent possible by Florida law, keep the identities of people who report violations confidential. 
When calling to report a potential violation, do not leave your name and telephone number if you wish to remain anonymous. 
In accordance with the Sunshine Law, all complaints are public record including the person's name filing the complaint.

Code Enforcement Officers
Richard Iachini & Curtis Bloomfield

Code Locations
City of Sebastian's Land Development Code - City of Sebastian's Code of Ordinances
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