Frequently Asked Questions

. Zoning : What can I do with my property; What are my setbacks, What uses are allowed, Where can I place my pool; How high can I build; Where can I place my fence; etc.

. Addresses: How are addresses assigned; Where should my address be located on my home, etc.

. Planning: What is required to build a new business, home, or addition; What is the process for development review; How long does it take to get an approval; etc.

. Regulatory: What are the City's Codes or regulations (Land Development Code) concerning?; What is the Comprehensive Development Plan; How many units am I allowed; How many lots can I create; What is the Future Land Use Category and What does it mean; etc.

. Other: How Do I apply for a variance; How do I appeal a determination by the City; What is my Flood Zone and What does it mean to be in Zone X; How can I change my Zoning District or Future Land Use Category; etc.

Should you need answers to these or similar questions or issues, please do not hesitate to call, fax, e-mail, or schedule a meeting with one of us, so that we may assist you in your endeavors.

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