City of Sebastian Pavement Assessment and 6-Year Pavement Management Maintenance Program 


Recently the City of Sebastian enlisted the professional engineering consulting team from Pavement Management Group (PMG) to conduct a city wide pavement assessment and prepare a 6-year Pavement Management maintenance program, assuming an average maintenance budget of $500,000/year.

Sebastian’s Pavement Condition Report was developed using industry standard inspection practices and was done so in a wholly objective fashion. PMG is an engineering firm specializing only in roadway pavement inspection/evaluation and maintenance procedures.  They do not provide pavement preservation, maintenance or repair services – which helps ensure their report is non-biased.

Asphalt roadways begin to deteriorate the day after it was paved.  Weather and traffic affect the wear and tear on roadway surfaces.  Freshly paved roadways are expected to last 15 to 20 years before needing major repair or replacement.  Best management practices tell us that if roads receive preventative maintenance, they will last longer without the need for more expensive repairs.

Please read the Pavement Management Final Project Report as it explains how our roadway pavement was graded using a Pavement Condition Index (PCI).  The PCI is an all-important score that indicates the pavement’s condition, which in turn gives guidance as to how needy a roadway is to receive preservation or repairs.  The City’s goal is to maintain all roads to a PCI score higher than 50.

The 2018 Inventory and Condition file lists every street in the City.  Column “A” lists the street name.  Columns “C” and “D” describes the section of the street being evaluated.  Example: Line 16 speaks to Adams Street between Barber and Acorn.  Column “L” tells us this section has a PCI score of 75 = “Good”, which means it is not in need of immediate maintenance.

The 6-Year Project Plan “All Years – compressed” image file shows the locations of streets for recommended maintenance by year.

The 6-Year Project Plan “All maintenance types” image file shows the type of maintenance that is recommended.

Red = Mill and Pave

Green = Cape Seal

Navy Blue = Double Micro surfacing

Black = Full Depth Reconstruction

The City’s Pavement Maintenance Program work schedule is correlated with the annual budget for road maintenance as approved by City Council.


6 Year Project Plan All Maintenance Types compressed
6 Year Project Pan - All Maintenance Types
6 Year Project Plan All Years compressed 
6 Year Project Plan - All Years
 PMG 2018 Final Draft Project Report Page 01

PMG - 2018 Final (Draft) Project Report


PMG - 2018 Inventory and Condition List (Excel Download)