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Stormwater Treatment Area

In a cooperative effort with the St. John’s River Water Management District, this stormwater treatment area was dedicated to the City to promote storm-water treatment. Untreated storm water is the leading source of water pollution in many waterways, including the Indian River Lagoon. Storm water contains everything from lawn clippings, fertilizers and soils to pet wastes, pesticides and household chemicals. Untreated storm water contributes to algal blooms, muck deposits, fish kills, and other environmental problems.


The Stormwater Treatment Area will remove an estimated 80% of the total nitrogen and 56% of total phosphorous (both from fertilizers), along with 79% of sediments and suspended solids. In creating retention areas for stormwater run-off treatment, 163 acres were set aside for dynamic walking trails and other ways to enjoy all the amenities Florida has to offer.

Nature Views

Nature trails at this park showcase several important habitat types, including oak hammocks, pine flatwoods, scrub and herbaceous wetlands. Three threatened species are among the park’s residents. The entrance and parking areas are on the south side of Englar Drive, centrally located between Barber Street and Schumann Drive.