Master Plan Update 2023


Welcome to the Sebastian Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) strategic update! Here you will find opportunities to participate in community visioning to assist the project team in discovering opportunities for the Sebastian CRA of tomorrow.


The City of Sebastian’s Community Redevelopment Master Plan was originally adopted in 1995 to organize the Sebastian CRA’s vision and implementation strategy. Since then, the Master Plan was updated on December 10th, 2003, to expand the Sebastian CRA area to include the adjacent 95-acre Sebastian Boulevard Triangle Area, and on October 13th, 2010, to update its recommendations and capital improvement schedule.

Map 1 - Sebastian CRA Map

Today, there is a need to update the City of Sebastian’s CRA Master Plan to help further the vision and aid the City and CRA in identifying sustainable strategies and opportunities for the future of its core urban area, while promoting a diverse economy and implementing economic strategies that will assist the City and CRA in defining markets, designing infrastructure projects that address growth and climate change, and capturing the City’s essence in a comprehensive design. The Sebastian CRA Master Plan update is funded through a DEO Community Planning Grant.


The CRA is divided into five conceptual planning districts which are the focus of this plan update.

Map 2 - Sebastian CRA Conceptual Planning Districts Map

As part of the ongoing plan update, a Baseline Evaluation and Existing Conditions report, as well as a Market Assessment and Economic Analysis report have been prepared.

The Sebastian CRA Redevelopment Team is seeking input from both residents and businesses in the Sebastian Community Redevelopment Area to identify needs in order to create a plan of action and investment that enhances the quality of life and builds community within the Sebastian CRA.