Contractor Licensing Fee Schedule

Section 2. Contractor Licensing Fee Schedule

  1. Competency card annual fee: $30
  2. Issuance of duplicate card: $5
  3. Change of status fee: $25
  4. Letter of reciprocity: $15
  5. Renewal fees for competency cards:
    1. October 1 through October 15: $30 plus 10% surcharge
    2. October 16 through March 31: $30 plus 20% surcharge
    3. April 1 through September 30: $60
    4. If renewed more than one year but less than three years from the previous expiration date: $75 each year
    5. Inactive competency card: $10
    6. Reactivate an inactive competency card after reapplication to and approval by the board: $20

No competency card can be renewed more than three years after it has expired

(B) A person who holds a valid certificate from the board may go on inactive status during which time he shall not engage in contracting but may retain his certificate on an inactive basis on payment of an annual renewal fee during the inactive period, not to exceed $10 per year. An inactive certificate can be activated only by application to and approval of the board, on the proper forms.

Section 3. Penalties

Any person who commences any work on a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system before applying for the necessary permits shall be subject to a penalty of $200 for an owner or $300 for a contractor, or one hundred % (100%) of the usual permit fee, in addition to the required permit fees. The payment of such penalty shall not relieve any person(s) from complying with the requirement of the Code of Ordinances or this resolution in the execution of the work, or from any other penalties of the Code of Ordinances.

Section 4. Plan-Checking Fees

When the valuation of the proposed construction under a General Building Permit exceeds three thousand dollars ($3,000) and requires a plan to be submitted under the Florida Building Code or Chapter 26, Article II of the Code of Ordinances, a plan-checking fee shall be paid to the building department at the time of submitting plans and specifications for checking. Said plan-checking fee shall be equal to ten % (10%) of the building fee set forth herein. Such plan-checking fee shall be in addition to the building permit fee.