Alarm Permits & Reduction

Chapter 39 of the City of Sebastian’s Code of Ordinances requires all active alarm systems, whether monitored by an alarm company or not, to be registered with the Sebastian Police Department.

Submitting a Permit

Submit the Alarm Permit Application (PDF) along with a $10 registration fee to:

Sebastian Police Department
False Alarm Reduction Office
1201 Main Street
Sebastian, FL 32958

Applications are also available at the Police Department Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays.

Renewing a Permit

The permit is renewable annually. If there are no false alarms within each year of registration, the renewal is automatic and free.


One false alarm within any year will result in a renewal notice being sent with a $10 fee due.  A second false alarm within the year will result in a warning letter. A third false alarm will result in a $50 fine. Fines will increase with each future false alarm within a year as follows: fourth alarm $100 fine and all others are $250 each.

Helpful Resources

For more information, contact our False Alarm Reduction Administrator at 772-589-5233, ext. 8285.