Community Center

Community Center Rental 25

The Community Center’s room capacity is 172 people but the seating capacity is 80. It has a kitchenette comprised of an oven, microwave, refrigerator and sink. Please note it does not have a stove.

Any reservation at the Community Center includes tables and chairs to accommodate 80 people: (4) 6’ rectangular tables, (10) 6’ round tables which sit six to eight people and (80) folding chairs.


The reservation fee is for a four hour rental period, which includes set-up and clean-up times. If four hours is insufficient for your event, set up and clean up, then additional hours may be reserved for an additional fee per hour, provided that the Community Center is available. 

The Community Center can only be reserved once per weekend: For example, if there is a reservation on a Saturday evening, it cannot be reserved on Sunday.


If the Applicant is a City of Sebastian Resident, the 4-hour reservation fee is $200 plus tax. Each additional hour is $30 plus tax. Tax rate is 6.5%. Proof of Residency will be required.


If Applicant is a Non-Sebastian Resident, 4-hour reservation fee is $300 plus tax. Each additional hour is $50 plus tax. Tax rate is 6.5%.


Deposit amount required is $250. This amount is the same for Sebastian residents and Non-Sebastian residents and this amount is not taxed.


There are Ordinances that need to be abided by during use of our facilities. These are included in the rental packet so please make sure that you review them. 


For example, if you expect 76 to 250 attendees, you’ll need to hire one Sebastian Police Officer at $40 per hour, and for a minimum of 3 hours. If you expect 251 to 300 attendees, you’ll need to hire two Sebastian Police Officers at $40 per hour per officer, and for a minimum of 3 hours.


Another example is if you wish to serve alcohol at this facility, you’ll need City Council approval. Because City Council only meets twice per month, you’ll have to submit your Application at least thirty days before the event to ensure your request to serve alcohol is presented to City Council in a timely fashion.


Community Center Documents