Riverview Park Pavilion Rental

Reservation Requirements

If you’re looking to reserve one of our pavilions, in order for your reservation date to be secure - and not offered to anyone else - you’ll need to submit:

Note: Submission of the above-noted can be done via regular mail or in person. If electronic submission is required, please call us at 772-228-7054 to coordinate this process.

Credit Card Payments

If you wish to pay with a Credit Card, a processing fee will be assessed (fees listed on form) aside from the above-noted fees. Please click on the link below for the Credit Card Authorization Form, and FAX IT TO U.S. (fax number listed on form). Do not email the form, as it will by default become a public record, and thus will jeopardize your account information.

Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF)

Note: No event dates will be "penciled in" or held for anyone without submission of all of the above-noted.