Rules and Regulations

For the safety of all participants and staff we ask that you follow these rules and regulations when attending classes or events at the Community Center:


  1. Always follow the instructors directions.
  2. Warm-Ups are crucial to prevent injuries and are a mandatory component of every class. Please arrive on-time to not distract other participants. 
  3. For the health of all participants and instructors, please do not attend class if you are not feeling well.


  1. Only approved activities make take place during your rental. These activities must be specifically included on your application. Renters are not to enter the building for any reason until the time(s) identified on their application and must exit the facility at the designated time. 
  2. In accordance with the Code of Ordinances, any event that may include activities involving gambling, alcoholic beverages, the use of facility after 11:00 pm, or if an admission charge is to be assessed, then the permit must be approved by the City Council. 
  3. No decoration of any type shall be permitted without prior approval. Any decoration approved must be removed by the permittee. No nails or staples may be used to hang decorations.
  4. The permittee shall not, under any circumstances, remove any chairs, tables or any other equipment from the facility. 
  5. The permittee shall bear the responsibility for the control of the lights, thermostats (specifically turning off after events), and other equipment in the facility. Further, the permittee shall bear responsibility for the unlocking and subsequent securing of the doors of the facility. 
  6. The permittee is solely responsible and answerable to the City for damages and to any injured person for any and all accidents or injuries to persons or properties resulting from the use of the facility during the permitted period. The permittee shall ensure that the facility is left in the same condition as it was in prior to the permitted use. Any facility equipment utilized must be replaced in the facility’s storage room after use.