Low Impact Development (LID) & Green Infrastructure (GI)

GI Graphic

What is LID & GI?

Green Infrastructure (GI)includes both natural features such as forests and wetlands as well as engineered landscapes that mimic these natural processes like a rain garden. 

Low Impact Development (LID)works to preserve the natural landscape and minimize impervious surfaces to keep stormwater close to the source and use it as a resource rather than a waste product.

Together, LID and GI not only manage stormwater and improve ground water supplies, but also offer many free ecosystem services including cleaner air and water, flood control, shade and energy savings, recreational opportunities, and enhanced property values and quality of life. Preserving our existing GI is our first line of defense against climate impacts such as increased storm frequency and intensities as well as achieving long-term cost savings. 

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The City of Sebastian is proud to support the MARINE RESOURCES COUNCIL  of Brevard County as they work hard to build momentum and support for better stormwater management using proven Low-Impact Development techniques...




Did you know that you may be eligible for up to a 50% reduction in your property's Stormwater Utility Fee on your November tax bill ???

Stormwater fee credits are a reward for non-residential property owners who install and maintain specific GI & LID best management practices (BMPs) on their property, in accordance with the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Policy (R-19-03).  
Notices are mailed out annually to all non-residential properties within the City which may be eligible for a partial refund of their stormwater fees. Please visit the Stormwater Fee Credit Program Website or contact the Program Administrator with any questions you may have regarding this program.