Special Operations

The Special Operations Unit is a sub-division of the Road Patrol Division. It consists of two functions that operate in concert with the four road patrol shifts: Canine and Marine Patrol.

View images from our special operations division in our photo gallery.

Canine Unit

The Canine Unit consists of four officer-dog teams that are dual certified in patrol apprehension and narcotics detection. These highly qualified teams work both day and night shift and supplement the road patrol shifts in answering calls for service, conducting self-initiated enforcement activity in addition to addressing incidents best handled by their loyal canine partners. These police dogs complete more than 400 hours of basic training and then are subject to continuous drills and practice throughout their "careers." 

The Sebastian Police Department's Canine Unit is the most requested component of the Police Department for public demonstrations, class presentations and events.

Marine Unit

The Marine Unit consists of several officers within the Police Department who provide random patrols throughout the month and regular marine patrol presence in the City for special occasions and events. The primary focus of Sebastian Police Department’s marine patrol effort is to ensure the safety of the boating public, the protection of waterfront property and the environment through education and enforcement.