Flight Procedures

Sebastian Municipal Airport (X26)

VOLUNTARY Flight Procedures

UPDATED! Download All Information As PDF Brochure UPDATED!

VOLUNTARY compliance is appreciated.

Airport Noise Sensitive ALL Quadrants.

Air Operations: 0700 - 2100 daily.

Touch & Go (T&G) Operations:
Monday Through Saturday 0900-1700.
No Sunday T&Gs.

No Intersection Takeoffs.

ALL takeoffs use BEST RATE OF CLIMB (Vy) Airspeed to
1000’ AGL (1021 MSL) Minimum.

- During Skydive Operations -

PAPI Available On All Landing Runways -
Utilize PAPI Glideslope.
RWY 10/28 PAPI Off At Night

Runway 05 and Runway 23

Runway 10 and Runway 28