City Attorney

Mission Statement

The mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to assure representation to the City Council, City Manager, all Department Heads, and all adjustment, regulatory and advisory boards in all legal matters affecting the City of Sebastian. 

It provides exemplary legal services by addressing the legal challenges facing the City of Sebastian in a professional, legal, ethical, timely and cost-efficient manner.

Official Duties & Responsibilities

The City Attorney is the legal advisor to the City of Sebastian pursuant to the City Charter. It provides a broad range of professional legal services to the city, including research, analysis, and guidance on federal, state, and local laws and regulations affecting the city government. 

It prepares and reviews legal, legislative, contractual, and other legal documents necessary to the city’s municipal functions, goals, and policies. It represents the city in various judicial and administrative proceedings, advises and performs legal work for the city’s charter officers, city departments, and the city’s appointed boards. 

The city attorney attends all meetings of the City Council, Planning and Zoning and Code Enforcement Boards.

Legal Assistance for Citizens

Due to the professional and ethical rules governing government attorneys, the Office of the City Attorney is limited to legal representation of the City of Sebastian and cannot represent citizens in legal matters or provide legal advice to the public. If you need legal representation or assistance, please contact a private attorney of your choice.